Why Upgrading to Windows 10 Is Now a Necessity

It may be 2019, but there are still a lot of people who insist on using Windows 7. This is understandable because that is seen as the best version of Windows that Microsoft ever created in its history. The immediate upgrade on Windows 7 was Windows 8, which is arguably the most non-starter version so far.

Windows Upgrades

The usability of Windows 8 irked users, and there were loads of complaints channeled both to Microsoft and discussion forums in general. Microsoft, in response perhaps, skipped the expected Windows 9 and the next version was Windows 10.

The latest version was, in many ways, another Windows 7 but with a new name. Not that anyone would have minded going back to basics anyway – given the similarity, many people who had stepped backwards from Windows 7 did not see the need to upgrade again. However, that might actually be a necessity soon because post-2020, people using windows 7 (is there anyone who still uses Windows 8?) will not enjoy the same benefits as those using Windows 10. Beginning 2020, Windows 7 will be disadvantaged because Microsoft will no longer offer support services in the following areas:

  • Software upgrades
  • Security updates
  • Technical support

Although this does not mean that people who are using Windows 7 will have their computers shut down when that time comes, it will be somewhat inconveniencing to miss out on some crucial upgrades from Microsoft.

Why Would Microsoft Cease to Offer Support?

Microsoft will definitely tell customers that the decision will allow them to offer better services. This is undoubtedly valid to a certain extent, but it is definitely not the main reason. Instead, they want to phase out older models of their software. When a developer creates an upgrade, it is their wish that all users switch to the new version. The same goes for Microsoft; they really want to move on from an ancient creation.

What Are Some of the Important Benefits of Upgrading to Windows 10?

Now that they are ‘ditching’ Windows 7, Microsoft will definitely give more attention to Windows 10. This means that the version will now have more exceptional capabilities. The security updates will also be a precious asset, especially for people involved in blockchain technology. People who use EOS on their computers will definitely want to have a secure system. In an era where installing anti-virus software no longer feels tenable, it will be much easier to get the upgrade.

Thankfully, upgrading will not be a headache at all. There will be no losses of what one has on their computers. With cloud back-ups in place, upgrading should be a pretty smooth process.